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If you have any questions not answered her feel free to shoot us a text at: 403-795-9660

How long does a project take?

We can usually complete a project two weeks after our first discovery session, some projects may take longer depending on the complexity.

Can you edit my website?

We may take on projects that are strictly web edits vs a whole new site, although our typical way of doing business is to start fresh on our system and transfer over relevant content that is required.

Do you do SEO?

All of our sites are built with SEO in mind and start the process of ranking your website from the code. There are lots of agencies that promise first-page results although in our experience there is no way to give such promise. SEO is a combination of factors that is constantly changing, the only consistent factor in ranking high on google and other search engines is to provide a clean-coded website that the crawlers can read and provide content that users enjoy, and come back to and read thoroughly. We don't provide SEO services as we believe the quality of the site is the most important factor in ranking high and we always try to produce the highest quality projects that we can. If you want to discuss SEO further please contact us and we can take a look at your site!

Do you provide analytics?

Yes, for every project we complete we provide as much data as the user would like to receive, we don't believe in sending monthly charts that most people can't understand or care to analyze, we prefer to check on your sales, phone calls and any solid and proven factors that could be attributed to a new website that flashing numbers like bounce rate, session duration at our clients. If you would like to know some of the more technical numbers we always track everything and can provide it on request.

What is a custom pitch deck? Do I have to commit to a project once  I get one?

A custom pitch deck is a collection of projects we have worked on, there costs and other services we provided for that client. A custom pitch deck is free with no obligations, it's like a quote but with some supporting documents on why we think we are the best team for your project! If you are interested in receiving one for your business shoot us a text!

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