Web support

Committed to being a long term partner.

All of our projects come with a 60day warranty, you can add additional support at a low monthly cost allowing us to keep your website up to date including content, security, accessibility and SEO best practices.

In it for the long haul

Always Avalible

We are super flexible with providing updates to content, store hours and images at low monthly rates. We can provide 7 days a week support to your site for any urgent changes you may need to make. Behind the scenes, your monthly fees cover all the security and maintenance required to keep your site running.

Teaching content managers

Learn to edit content on your website.

Our tool for creating websites allows for easy content editing, for a one-time fee we can provide an in-person or virtual walk-through of the editor and teach content editors how to update their site to lower your monthly fees and give you the freedom to make instant changes.

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